About Us

Hello Everyone! My name is Kris Myers, and along with my wife Jessica, I am the owner and lead taxidermist of Mount’n Memories Taxidermy. Since I was old enough  to follow my dad around, I have been an avid outdoorsman, and  have enjoyed just about every type of hunting and fishing opportunity the great state of West Virginia has to offer. My passion for animals never died, and I carried it with me all though my teenage years. I carried that passion on into college were I obtained a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Resources from WVU. I began doing taxidermy work around the age of 14, when I mounted my first squirrel. I enjoyed it and swore one day I would open a business. A decade and a half later, here we are. After college I was able to incorporate the artistic side of my life with the science I learned over the years. The background I obtained in anatomy has taken me a long way in the industry. My wife Jess also plays a large part in the shop. She is the mastermind behind a lot of the “fine art” pieces that go out the door. She is also the voice of reason and my “are you sure that’s right” voice that critiques every piece before we call it done. Together we are Mount’n Memories Taxidermy. Welcome and come see us soon!


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